May 11, 2011

My First Paper Doll Project Outfit

Today is the Paper Doll Project. My first ever!  My partner was Franca from Oranges and Apples (click to see how I styled her outfit). The item I chose to be styled was this H&M striped blazer. I made a terrible partner because I don't typically do outfit posts so it was hard for her to figure out what was in my wardrobe. However, I think it turned out great!

I wouldn't have styled this blazer in such a feminine way, but I quite like it! Don't mind the awful photography since I have no one to take photos for me! What I'm wearing:

- H&M blazer
- Old Navy red tank top
- Gap skirt
- Kohl's gold chain necklace
- Gap wedges

I might have to save this outfit for Memorial Day!

Glad I found this skirt in my closet so I can bring it out for the Spring. It's pretty old from the Gap. It's a full skirt with a thin layer on top (which I tried to show) that has little holes.

What do you think? How would you style this blazer?


  1. What a fun project idea! I love how you styled the striped blazer and that necklace is gorgeous!!

  2. The outfit turned out cute; and I love that blazer!

  3. LOVE THE BLAZER! LOVE!! Paper Doll Project sounds super fun! Hopping over to see what you did for oranges and apples.

  4. @Jenmarie- Isn't it? You should give it a try next month!

    @Allie- Thanks :) Definitely something I wouldn't put together but that's the point!

    @made-to-travel- Thanks :) Would love to hear what you think!

  5. yay, I love it! that blazer is so good! Everyone is loving what you picked for me by the way!

  6. I like ittttt. I think that big gold chain took your outfit to the next level. It made it a bit more edgy and less girly. Love it!!

  7. @StyleMeBAD- haha that was my doing... love that necklace but SO heavy!


We all have opinions... I want to hear yours!

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