May 18, 2011

My Favorite Places To Grab A Bite In Midtown East


I just wrote a post for NearSay listing some of my favorite places to eat in my neighborhood. Thought I'd share for any New York readers or those who may be visiting New York!

Thai 51- Located on 51st (hence the name) between 2nd and 3rd, this place has a fun atmosphere and delicious food. They have great prix-fixe lunches for $10 where you get 2 courses and a drink. Can't beat that in the city!

Pescatore- I'm from Jersey so I'm picky about my Italian food. Other Italian restaurants didn't cut it for me in my neighborhood. It took me awhile to try Pescatore because the fish on the awning outside made me think it was seafood. Glad I finally tried it because it is one of my favorite places to go now! It is not the cheapest on my list, but it's great for a date or bringing family.

Blockheads- Having lived in California for 9 years, it is hard for me to trust New York Mexican food. I know the real stuff! However, Blockheads is a great find and is cheap! That's why it is usually crowded with college kids but their guacamole is worth the visit - so good!

Crumbs Cupcakes- I'm also picky about my cupcakes. I wasn't impressed by other local cupcake shops. You may disagree but I think Crumbs has some of the best in the city and Midtown for that matter. I come here quite often to split one with a friend (they are big cupcakes!).

Gulluoglu- If you wanted any indication of how much I love this place, I am the mayor on FourSquare. I am addicted! It is the best baklava in the city and it is cheap. For $5 I get 2 pieces of baklava and tea. Everyone in there is Turkish so you know it's the real deal. Anyone know how to pronounce the name though?

What are some of your favorite spots?


  1. STOP IT!!! I love Pescatore!!! LOVE! I drag people there all the time and my dad when he is working at the UN now goes there w/ his colleagues b/c of me.

    You should totally try Bianca's downtown on Bleecker...delicious!

  2. I am so happy that you visited my blog because my girlfriend, her friend and I are planning to go out this Friday and we want to eat Thai. I will check it out online.The prices that you listed are great for me. Who knows? We may end up going there.
    Somebody mention Bianca. I will look it up too. No wonder why I love NYC. New Yorker for life.

    that I used to go to. Too bad that I cannot remember the name It is American food and they make some mean smoked beef, pork, barbecue and smoke chicken wings. Used to love Burger Heaven for their deluxe burger don't eat red meat anymore so I stopped going there but I should try their veggie burger one day.

  3. Haha blockheads... the one in Hell's Kitchen is pretty much me and my friend's go to place during the summer, especially for the pink bulldog margaritas.. mmmmm...

  4. @made-to-travel- We must go!

    @Fashion Me Chic- Oh well I'm glad I could help!

    @Erin- haha it's just a convenient place in the city


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