May 1, 2011

My Brother's Thoughts On Spring Trends

Growing up with such a fashionable sister and also being the only boy, my brother has come to form some strong opinions about fashion. I asked him to share his thoughts on some of the latest trends... no holds bar! Here's what he had to say: (you've been warned)

Neon: This seems similar to the Gold/Silver trend, where girls just think a giant 'splash' of these colors goes with everything (see: every girl's giant silver/gold purse). It seems better than some of the other things on here, but I just don't really know what it goes with/how it would work. The picture with the black leather jacket makes my point, where you think you can just add two things that 'go with everything,' they don't.

Socks with heels: Why? Just why.

Feather hair extensions: Not as bad as socks with heels, but still terrible. Girls really do this? This seems like a poor man's Maloof sister and/or Ke$ha move. Girls don't use them as fashion influences do they?

Flatforms: If you're short just embrace it. I'm not the biggest fans of high heels, so this just seems ridiculous. Is it just supposed to be for casual wear? If so, then why not wear something comfortable?

High-waisted trousers: That picture is not very helpful, but is like Gwen Stefani wearing hammer pants? They seem not as puffy as those pants. They also seem a more dressed up, which seems to have a purpose unlike the rest of these 'trends'. Does it look better on different body types? I don't really get it. I'm not really a fan of the high waist line in general, so I'm against it I think.

Coral lips: I'm not so into lipstick in general, so this is as bad/good as any other? That color looks good on that model I guess, but I'm not sold on it as a 'trend'.

Color blocking: This reminds me of my girlfriend, Annie Clark of St. Vincent (listen here), therefore amazing. This is a way you could work in the neon from before I suppose. I don't think it takes much to have a unique style or make a statement (that's the point of fashion right?). So I think simplicity is a good way to do that, or maybe I just have really plain taste.

Pleated midi skirts: I've never heard of a midi skirt, but I assume the trend is the pleated skirt part. After a quick Google search I see there is a wide variety of pleats. This is something I like, but how different is it than skirts generally to be a unique trend? It seems pretty cute and functional, so I'm for this one too.

Does the man in your life have an opinion about these trends?


  1. My boyfriend has no opinion on my clothes except 'you look lovely' and I think it's much better that way!

    It was really funny to hear your brother's take, but it definitely reinforces the fact that fashion is much more about women dressing for women, not men!

  2. I have pretty much the same opinions as your brother. Hmmm... hopefully, that doesn't mean I have no fashion sense whatsoever. lol I can say that I'm definitely not adventurous (scared of those flatforms and neon trends!).

    My husband is a doll. He usually loves anything as long as it's on me. =)

  3. @Harriet- Aww that's sweet. You have lovely clothes :)

    @Tiffany- haha stay away from flatforms! Aw that's why you married him isn't it?

  4. I'd have to ask my husband, but it is fun to read a man's opinion on the trends.

  5. I thought so too :) Especially since he always has such strong opinions about my fashion!


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