May 31, 2011

Man Candy Week: Bad Boys That Make Me Melt

I enjoyed doing the bow ties and tattoos post so much that I felt we needed a "Man Candy Week" on this blog. I've created a list of men to drool over for every day this week, you are welcome. Kim has a bad reputation of dating the "bad boy." I don't know, there is something about them that makes us melt. Today's list includes guys who actually have lived the bad boy lifestyle (not just play them in movies). Without further adieu:

Johnny Depp- He is a god (lol!). He is hands down the sexiest man in Kimberlee's eye. He can do no wrong in my book. I don't like smokers- he smokes. I don't like facial hair- he rocks it. I dislike long hair on a man- he can pull it off. No other man can get away with that.

Shia LaBeouf- I had a crush on this kid when he was the young brother on Even Stevens (anyone?). Wow, did he grow up to be a sexy mother shut your mouth. I watch all his movies because he's nice to look at I think he's a great actor. He's done some amazing work (outside of the Transformers movies) Just wish he'd straighten out his non-acting activities so he doesn't turn into a male Lindsay Lohan.

Eminem- I find his intensity so attractive. I guess because I presume he brings the intensity and passion he uses for his raps into the bedroom. He's lived a rough life so you know he's finally matured (and got rid of that bleached hair!). All women enjoy a man who is musically talented.

Bam Margera- He's the hottest of the Jackass crew. He has the dark hair, light eyes combination which gets me every time. Clearly, he has a sense of humor. I also kind of adore that he cries in the movies; it shows he's sensitive.

Ed Westwick- I'll take him or Chuck Bass any day of the week. He has an incredible jawline, an accent and tattoos! He also has great personal style and Chuck Bass can pull off anything. I watch Gossip Girl for 3 reasons: Chuck Bass, the fashion and the Twitter discussion.

Who are some bad boys who make you melt?


  1. EMINEM <3 I've always thought he's the hottest thing since sliced bread.

  2. I love Johnny Depp. He's a little nutty but he's so hot lol *drools* I can never look at Shia Lebouf without thinking "Shai Ladouche" thanks to Perez Hilton LOL

  3. i love johnny depp and ed westwick..SO hott!

  4. I love shia and my fav boy is ryan reynolds.. esp in blade 3.. so hot! :) x

  5. I LOVEEEE Eminem...and i bet he is pretty effing amazing in bed too haha

    But I have to disagree with Bam Margera.. I think all the guys from Jack ass are tainted from all he disgusting stunts they do. Ew I just wouldnt even touch him with a 10 ft pole lmao

  6. I loooooove Johnny Depp! Something about his rugged hotness gets me everytime. What a great idea for a post!!


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