May 3, 2011

How To Make Your Cheap Clothes Last

We all like to buy cheap, trendy clothes from stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Target. However, they don't last! We've had all that experience where we put an item through the wash and it never makes it out looking the same, right?

I've had items for years from H&M and my friends always ask how I don't ruin them. Here are my tips:

1. Follow the laundry instructions carefully! I can't stress this enough. It also applies to quality made pieces as well. If something is cheap we tend to dismiss how to handle the garment. Laundry can damage a garment if we don't wash it properly.

2. Don't put anything in the dryer. Or at least tops. I hang dry ALL my H&M tops. Laying them out will help keep their shape and will help keep the color from fading.

3. If you must dry them, then dry them inside out. Especially items with bows, sequins, or any other additions. They will get ruined if facing out so it's a safer bet to turn them inside out.

Hope this was helpful! Do you have any tips to add?

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  1. Great tips! I agree with air drying when possible. I started doing this and it's made my clothes last a lot longer.

  2. this is so helpful bc i find that my f21 and h&m clothes get messed up quickly!

  3. awesome tips! don't suppose you have one on how to keep your cat clawing your clothes whilst they're drying?


  4. @Mango Gal- it really does!

    @Zarna- Glad I could help :)

    @Eloise- haha no I don't... sorry!

  5. Nice tips here! Sometimes the simplest of things we forget. very helpful! Enjoy your day1 -xo

    Madison of FASHION TALES


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