May 25, 2011

Getting My Education On

Tomorrow I start classes at NYU where I'll be studying Digital Media Marketing (aka social media). Hip Hip Hooray! It was a long decision process because going back to school means spending more money. However, this degree will help me with my future career and you can never have too much knowledge, right? I've always been one of those nerds who actually enjoyed school (except math class!).

I've been out of school for two years so I'm feeling nervous. Buying notebooks and filling up my pencil case brings back so many memories. I hope it's not too stressful since I'll be juggling blogging, consulting and studying! Yes, I think women can do it all so now let's hope I can (lol!).

Are any of you continuing your education? Got any tips?

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  1. oh good luck!! emm not sure im any good at tips.. but def invest in a good diary so you can keep on top of your work load and organise your notes as you go along saves a lot of time later :) x

  2. that's awesome!! you can do it! :)

  3. Good luck! And ditto on loving every class except math. BLEHHH!!


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