May 20, 2011

FBFF: Blogging Pet Peeves

This week we are supposed to list 5 things that drive us crazy about reading other blogs. Hmm...

1. Having to fill in those anti-spam codes. I never get them right!

2. Misspelled words and poor grammar. I'm an editor at heart so it's hard for me to not point it out!

3. Pop-ups! I get annoyed when I have to exit out pop-ups to get to your content. I understand some of us want to make money off our blogs, but do the ads have to be so annoying?

4. No content. If it's just ONLY pictures and no content, then I'll go browse some magazines. Yes, it's okay to have an occasional post that is pretty pictures with a line here and there. However, I like to read someone's opinion or thoughts on subject matters. Show me there's a person behind those pretty photos!

5. Not crediting sources or influences. I think it's important to make note if you got a post idea, images, DIY project, etc. and give that blogger/person credit. I know it's hard to remember who influenced what but sometimes it's pretty blatant which I don't think helps the blogging community as a whole.

Well that's my list. What are your blogging pet peeves?

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  1. I hate those CAPTCHA codes & pop up ads too!

  2. I can't stand word verification! I like to leave my comment and then move on, but I know when the page takes a bit to reload and then scrolls to the bottom that the word verification is loading. I get alittle peeved. ha!

  3. @Audrey Allure- I didn't know they had a name but yes- hate Captcha!

    @Kirstin- haha me too :p

  4. I got rid of my Captcha recently. I was getting tired of entering Captchas on other blogs and I decided to, as they say, BE THE CHANGE I want to see in the (blog) world.

    But, as I said on my blog today, I honestly don't care what other people do. Their blogs are their business.

    I agree with you when it comes to craving content, or actual words, to go along with all the pretty pictures. I like to feel like I'm getting to know other bloggers, you know, because I'm kind of a stalker. JK.

  5. I have a pet peeve with number 5, I link all the images back to their sources when they're not mine and I hate when I click on an image and there's no link thru and no mention of where the image came from. People work hard to find these things and make these things and you should totally link thru.

    HATE pop-ups...And re: 2, please discretely tell me when I've messed up. I hate that too...I also really don't understand why some blogs only write in lower-case...what is that about?

  6. @Kimi- Great point haha be the change! Yes, I want to feel like I'm getting to know someone :p

    @made-to-travel- Exactly! Okay, I'll try to tell you ;) haha I don't know why some people only write in lower case!?

  7. I think I used one of your blogs but I mention your name on it. I could have misspelled your name. Sorry about that. Some of my pet peeves is when it takes forever for someone page to load. I also have to agree with the whole picture thing. I would like to see whats behind the pretty face. I only leave comments on pages where they have a story behind it.

  8. haha it's okay :) Thanks for reading!

  9. 1 - 3 were among the pet peeves I listed in my post a few weeks ago. I also agree with your 4 and 5. Great answers all around!

  10. Yes crediting sources for photos is very important! And pop ups are super annoying! :)

  11. Oh yes I hate those codes as well, I want to scream each time!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  12. This is a GREAT list! The Captcha codes annoy me to no end! I agree, that words are just as important as pictures; I loathe when there is more of one than the other.

  13. Gah, the codes! I had to enter one 4 times this morning. I actually dont like a ton of content. I want the post to be succinct, not a novel!

  14. :))))) You are such a sweet girl, now that I read through my list again, I think I appear like a nasty little...well, you get the idea ;)

  15. I think we are meant to be best friends. Hating on grammatical errors?? Kindred spirits, for sure.
    Those word verifications really tick me off. I don't want to type random letters just to post to your blog. Most of the time, I type it incorrectly because I can't friggin' see the letters. Gahhhhhh.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. Oh yes word verifications are annoying. I also can't stand overuse of bold, italics, etc.
    I do like a balance of prettiness and content (that's why I have those inspiration Mondays!)

    Have a happy weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  17. @Beautifully Invisible- Thanks for checking out my post!

    @MJ- They are :)

    @Inez- Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Yes they are!!!

    @RocquelleIsLovely- Glad you agree :)

    @purses and puppies- btw love the name! haha I don't want a novel but I also don't get blogs that are just pictures and never a personal post. I think blogging is personal so share something!

    @Kathrine- Aw thank you :) I try to kill them with kidness :p haha I don't think you were!

    @Bonnie- haha yes! So glad there are other grammar police out in the blogosphere :)

    @Chic 'n Cheap- Yes, an occasional post with inspiration is fine, but not ONLY that. You share a lot on your blog :) No worries I follow you so I like it!

  18. great answers...especially 4 & 5. i definitely like content...after all, don't we all kind of feel like friends?

  19. I agree with these entirely, which is why I had to stop rushing to finish replying to comments. lol I get there when I get there! I also really loathe the CAPTCHA, & you should always list sources, even in your own way, whether top or bottom, it's really not an option! Great answers dear! -xxoo

  20. I totally agree with all of your pet peeves
    those codes drive me crazy and I really get annoyed with a string of pictures and nothing else
    Have a great weekend

  21. Ah, I totally agree with the captcha codes, I always close the page then realize it and have to go back... sooo annoying!

  22. @two birds- I feel like friends :)

    @Fashion Tales- Thanks!

    @silvergirl- Thanks :)

    @Ashleigh- haha I know, isn't?!

  23. #2 and #5 are on my list! i forgot to write about grammar, spelling, large headers, too much bling and ads. whew!

  24. I agree completely on all of your choices! I had a run-in with a spammer a few weeks ago - I was getting roughly fifty spam comments a day - and after blocking the IP and e-mail address didn't work I had to resort to GASP which is the little checkbox commenters have to click before their comment be posting. I'm hoping it's not as irksome to everyone as the verification codes, but on the plus side I haven't had a spam comment since!

  25. @Casee Marie- Oh no- that sounds awful! The little check box that says "click to confirm you aren't spam" is fine but trying to fill in those distorted words is a pain!

  26. I must go with no content. I will look past poor image or other pet peeves, but a blog with no (personal) content won't grasp my attention.


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