May 15, 2011

How to: Rag Curls

Before going to bed
I recently tried rag curls in my hair. I cut up an old pair of pajama pants into about 2 inch wide strips. The point of rag curls was so that you could sleep on your hair. I definitely was able to and the curls lasted several days. I followed the video below, which also gave other helpful hair tips:

I probably did the sections too small because when I took out the rags in the morning and ran my fingers through the curls, my hair was quite puffy.

At the beginning of the day, it was definitely like an afro but by the end of the day my curls began to fall.

My bro snapped this photo
Next time I will do bigger sections but I was very happy with the curls. It was so easy to do and the curls lasted several days. It also avoids using heating tools so great for your hair.

Would you try rag curls?


  1. I would definitely try these. I loved how your hair looked towards the end of the day. The curls ended up really well.

  2. haha thanks- I kind of like the fro :)

  3. CUTE!!! i love this idea! i've been trying different "bed time routines" for wavy hair the past few weeks.


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