May 20, 2011

Book Review: "Man Down" By Dan Abrams

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Dan Abrams, the guy who founded many popular sites like and, has written a book. The COMPLETE titles is "Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else"... that's a mouthful!

I like how in the first chapter he discussed "chick flicks." I think they are so bad for women. They always show a weak female role. Abrams says that studies have shown that in fact men deal with break-ups worse than females so there should be more rom-coms with a Paul Rudd type character (he's always the dopey guy who doesn't get the girl).

Women tolerate pain better... so true. When a man gets sick they are such babies. They put on such a show like "I'm too weak to reach for the remote... help me." Abrams points out the example of waxing in the movie 40 Year Old Virgin. We also have better immune systems so that whole "Mom immunity" thing is true.

There was an important projection from the Department of Education that anticipates by 2016 that 61% of Bachelor's degrees, 63% Master's degrees and 50% of Doctorates will go to women. This is important because women are getting better educations which will in turn lead to better jobs and hopefully will lead to more female CEO's!

"I think research will show that a somewhat sexist cliche about men and women is misleading. Behind every great man, there is a great woman? A truer truism would be that behind every great man there is probably an even greater woman- and in most cases, she ought to be in front." LOVE that line!

After reading this book you'll wonder why and how men have been ruling the world for so long (lol!). It's a lighthearted, quick read with a lot of interesting facts. If you are a woman making strides in any "male-dominated" areas (i.e. business, politics, sports) then I say keep going so other women won't feel like they can't be great.

What are you currently reading?

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  1. Another interesting fact along these lines is that some groups who help families in third world countries have reported that if you give financial aid to the woman of the family she will spend it to better her family, but that's not always what happens if you give the cash to the man. And thanks for your comments today!

  2. YES- that was a great point another book I reviewed "Half the Sky" made. It's so true :)

  3. I am currently reading a guide to marathon running because I am running one in the fall! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    xo Lynzy

  4. HALF THE SKY IS AMAZING!!! That book literally changed my life.

    I am currently reading Patti Smith's "Just Kids".

  5. @Lynzy- Oh awesome- good luck!

    @Made-to-travel- Isn't it? It breaks my heart but also so glad to know women are doing amazing things :)


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