May 18, 2011

8 Role Models For Young Girls In Hollywood

For some reason I get OK! Magazine (I swear I never subscribed) and every week on the cover is some scandal about these girls from MTV's "Teen Mom." Makes me sad for the upcoming generation. What role models do they have? Well... I thought I'd make a list!

You won't see these ladies bar hopping or a scandalous photo of them circulating on gossip sites. I think our younger generation needs more role models and I think these young ladies should be admired for keeping a sane head in Hollywood:

Ellen Page (24)- Although she's a young actress, she is selective about her roles. She's not in every "chick flick" out there because she's been busy doing a lot of important work with the environment. She's also not super girly and keeps makeup to a minimum except for some events. Shes is refreshing in Hollywood!

Carey Mulligan (25)- To me, she is a young Cate Blanchett. She is a tremendous actress but she also understands fashion. She's not afraid to wear art. She doesn't always go from the most revealing outfit but always looks breathtaking.

Emma Roberts (20)- As the niece of Julia Roberts (good looks run in the family), she born into movie royalty. However, she fought for her roles and hasn't been featured in big hits. She did recently star in Scream 4 so she's making strides.

Anne Hathaway (28)- Now this girl may have bad taste in men (we can all feel her on that) she has managed to keep her cool through personal troubles in the public eye. Some may find her annoying but I like her. She was great in Rachel Getting Married and can also do comedy. I'm also a fan of her style!

Emma Watson (21)- Most of you probably know her from Harry Potter but wow has she grown up. I love how her style has evolved. She was studying at Brown (although she plans on leaving) so she obviously has a brain under that pixie cut. Hope she doesn't get too lost in Hollywood because she seems quite lovely.

Emma Stone (22)- Lots of Emma's (not intentional)! This is my kind of girl. She seems like she has a great sense of humor and is down to earth. She is starting to come into her own style. She is set to star in the new Spiderman movie so I'm sure we'll be seeing her in more high paying roles (good for her!).

Amber Riley (25)- Also known as Mercedes from Glee. This girl can sing! She is also helping build self-confidence for those girls who aren't a size 2 (which is most of us) and looks good doing it - get it girl!

Dakota Fanning (17)- It makes me feel old saying her age because I remember watching her in movies when she was 7 years old. She was amazing in I Am Sam with Sean Penn. This girl has acted with legends that most actors dream of working with all while going to high school. She plays such heavy roles but has a good head on her shoulders. Great to see a child actor succeed!

Hailee Steinfeld (14)- The youngest on the list. She held her own on the screen with leading men Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon in True Grit. Now she is the new face of Miu Miu. This girl has it together! Miley Cyrus should take note.

I could go on about these girls and have girl crushes on all of them but I'll wrap it up. There are still some role models out there for young girls and more attention should be shed on them rather than those behaving wildly.

Anyone else you would add to the list?


  1. I LOVEEEEE DAKOTA FANNING! I was watching uptown girls last weekend on tv and she is the sh!t LOL So mature for her age. Def a great role model.

  2. You know what I love about these actresses? The fact that they have a very natural look! They seems real, not out of this world, you know? Especially Anne Hathaway, down to earth and sooo talented!

  3. I love Emma Roberts! I think she's the epitome of young Hollywood. Loved her in Scream 4. And of course Dakota Fanning is fabulous as well :)

  4. @StyleMeBAD- lmao I love how you used profanity to praise Dakota Fanning :p

    @Kathrine- Yes! I don't think any of them have had plastic surgery (or at least look like it). Thanks for following!

    @Leann- hehe I didn't Scream but I think it was the first kind of major role. I liked her in "It's Kind of a Funny Story"

  5. Emma watson is stunning with that pixie cut!!!

  6. Fantastic list!! Oh I "I am Sam" Dakota Fanning so good in that! LOOOOOOOOVE Anne Hathaway! Great picks here.

    Also funny, my bro totally gets OK! and never subscribed either, lol. It is the most hilarious thing ever.

  7. @Mo Diva- She is!

    @made-to-travel- haha okay glad I'm not the only one :p

  8. Great choices! All of these actresses have been nothing but graceful and loveable in the press - something very few in Hollywood can say.

  9. great list! i can't help but love amber riley and emma stone! gotta admire girls with crazy self confidence!
    i can't stand those teen mom girls.. they all turn into such fame whores!


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