May 27, 2011

7 Women Who Embrace Their Curves

Now that swimsuit season has arrived and I'm petrified. I need some positive encouragement about my figure. Here are some ladies that remind me that curves are sexy!

All bow to Christina Hendricks. I would go lesbian for her (lol!).

Sexy Sofia Vergara... this woman is insanely beautiful!

Not only does Adele have a wonderful voice, I think she's beautiful!

Salma Hayek has those Latin curves.

I liked Scarlett Johansson when she had more meat on her. Still a gorgeous girl!

America Ferrara (a.k.a "Ugly Betty") has been open about loving her body even though it might not be the typical body for most TV actresses in a lead role.

And we all remember Whitney, the first ever plus-sized model to win ANTM!

Anyone else you think should be added to the list?

All images via Zimbio


  1. I'm so glad that more women in Hollywood are embracing their curves! Each of these women is an amazing example of loving yourself and feeling like a rockstar for being who you are. Loved this post :)

  2. i am always struggling with loving my curves. I also struggle with weight. So - to find the balance of loving my curves and keeping my weight in check (for health reasons) is always a struggle. If anyone figures out the secret - I am extremely open to listening at this point! I love the blog post - Cheers!

  3. I actually love women with curves!!! I'll always find sexier and more beautiful a woman like Kim Kardashian for example, than a skinny woman.

  4. I love Sofia Vergara. She is beyound gorgeous and I love her confidence.

  5. all great picks! I'm definitely a little "softer" around the edges, and these ladies are fabulous inspirations!

  6. I LOVE them all, especially Adele, I adore her voice and her attitude....
    I am also struggling with my curves...BUT I'm trying. :)

    About my blog post, I love musicals, what can I say? Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Have a happy weekend

  7. You can add me and all the other normally gorgeous curvaceous ladies out there - wow thanks for your post - made me feel great about beaching this year- THANKS xoxox

  8. @Natassja- Me too - thanks for reading!

    @Sherry- haha I don't think there is a secret but it is "healthy" doesn't always mean "skinny" :)

    @My Fashion Tale- haha I didn't want to include Kim K because I don't think she has much of a brain but yes I find women with curves much sexier!

    @Sherin- And she's funny!

    @Melrose- hehe softer around the edges is a great way to put it ;)

    @Kathrine- haha thanks for reading!

    @Anya- Aw I'm glad :)

  9. I love the women you featured, but I would totally add Queen Latifah and Miss Beyonce.


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