April 4, 2011

What Kim Kardashian And I Have In Common

Besides a love a fashion, the same name and big butts... we also have a similar dating history. She seems to have an interest in guys outside her race and athletes. I hear that! Now I haven't dated professional athletes but all my boyfriends have been non-white. I'm not a fan of Kim Kardashian, who let's admit it is only famous for having a sex tape, but I do think some spotlight needs to be shed on the fact that she's a rare celebrity who does interracial dating. Yes, Khloe married Lamar but I wanted to focus on Kim's serial dating life.

All my boyfriends, like Kim, have been of a different ethnicity than my own. I didn't plan it or anything, I just find myself more attracted to bi-racial or black guys. Kim and I both dated black guys in the beginning. She dated Ray J (boo!) and Reggie Bush. I really liked her with Reggie Bush (picture above). I think he's a good guy and one of the rare athletes that won't cheat (not that I know this for a fact). My first "boyfriend" was more like puppy love since we were 14, his name was Demetrius. I will never live that name down. He had cornrows, played basketball and decoded a lot of the slang words for me (lol!).

Kim K. also dated some bi-racial guys, like Miles Austin and her current beau Kris Humphries. My next two boyfriends were mixed races, one was Latino/white and the other Israeli/white. I don't think Kim has dated any Israelis so I got that on her. The Israeli also continued the unique name trend with Etai. He is currently one of my best friends. Her current boyfriend (fiancee?) Kris Humphries looks mostly white even though he is bi-racial. My last and most recent boyfriend is Giuseppe and as you can probably guess from his name is Italian. I wouldn't categorize him as plain vanilla white because he's a pure bred Italian with lots of tattoos so I'd say he has some flavor to him.

My family jokes (but I know they are serious) that they would be more surprised if I brought home a guy named Bob (implied white guy name) who wore khakis and a polo then if I brought home a non-white guy with a crazy name (i.e. Demetrius, Etai or Giuseppe). I also have mentioned that a player on the New York Jets, DaBrickashaw Ferguson, has the best name ever so my mom jokes about my future child being named "little DaBrickashaw" and I'm thinking "well at least she's accepting" lol!

At the age of 30, Kim seems ready to settle down which is one positive thing I'll say about her. I like that she isn't getting married super young (hello Hillary Duff and Ashlee Simpson) and seems to have gain enough dating experience to find the guy for her.

What kind of dating pattern do you have? Have you ever dated someone outside your race?


  1. You always have the best titles for your posts..very simple and catchy. :)

    You are too funny with this post btw! I havent dated outside of my race...Fooled around sure..but actually boo'ed up with someone..it hasn't happened.

    Not by choice just how my cards played out. My parents always thought I would wind up with a black guy but instead I got a latino who looks like he could be black haha

  2. haha aw thank you :)

    Oh did they? Well I guess that's close enough ;)


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