April 20, 2011

Shop Gap For All Great Spring Fashions (+ Discount Code)!

On sale $62.96

Gap is killing it with their spring collection. Plus, they are having great sales! I really like this dress, it's classic but still edgy.

On sale $53.96

This top is a great way to do the sheer trend. I also love bow-tie blouses.


This crochet sweater looks so comfy and is great for this not-quite Spring-like weather we've been having.

On sale $55.60

How pretty is this sequin skirt? Great for at the office!


Flares are definitely in for Spring! I really love jeans from Gap. They last a long time and hold up in the wash.
On sale $53.96
 I've been looking for a high-waisted trouser pant and these linen ones look super cute.

On sale $59.46

This is a great take on the blazer.

You can also get 40% off until the end of the month. Details here. Happy shopping!

Do you shop at the Gap?


  1. I do love the Gap, but I shop more at Banana Republic. I find that as soon as I bring something home from the Gap out comes my seam ripper to take off all of the "ornamental" embroidery, stitching, buttons, flowers, and the rest of that shit. LEAVE IT OFF GAP!

  2. Really? I would expect that more from Old Navy haha I haven't had many issues with them recently. But B.Repub is good too :)

  3. I have to admit Gap has really gone down hill because their S is like a Large. Plus the quality of clothes have gone down hill. I do like these pieces from the Gap but the prices are Banana Republic prices. I love Banana Republic. Such great quality clothes.


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