April 6, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen's Massaging Cuticle Treatment Pen

When I was in California for my nephew's baptism in mid March, I was forced to get a manicure. You may remember my post about how I don't get them, which is why I say forced. I was wearing a bright color and my sister "kindly" insisted that I wear a neutral color for the church. Being a nice sister, I obliged and went to the nail salon with her and my mother. The salon lady told me I had dry cuticles and sold me on some oil/lotion wrap at an extra cost. This is why I don't go to nail salons! But I digress... my skin has been dry in this long New York winter we've been having so I kept an eye out for some cuticle treatment options.

While shopping Soap.com, I came across this Sally Hansen cuticle pen. It is usually $10.94 but with the promo code, I purchased it for $8.75. It was one of the cheaper options I've found believe it or not! It came in clean, plastic packaging much like their nail strips did. It claims to "instantly nourish dry, rough cuticles."
Can you see the little bumps?

Directions: Click at base to bring product to surface. Apply to skin surrounding the nail using the massaging tip in circular motion to help stimulate nail growth.

Product on my nude manicure
Simple enough, right? The massaging tip felt pretty weird and the oil comes out in the middle of the pen so it gets all over your nails. The oil is sweet almond oil and mango seed butter, which smells nice but apparently does nothing. After over two weeks of using this product, my cuticles are nowhere improved and I'm so bummed about it. For a $10 product, I would've expected so much more.

Would I buy it again? Definitely not.

Can you recommend any products to help my dry cuticles?


  1. Damn that sucks it didnt work. I honestly dont have a good product to recommend, but will def let you know if/when I do boo!

  2. thx for sharing. its good to know this product doesnt work. now i wont spent my money on worthless things.

  3. @StyleMeBAD- Thanks, such a bummer :(

    @Faboulista- haha glad I could be of service :)

  4. Aw, that stinks. I have super dry hands all the time, mostly because I wash them quite often. Lately I've been using an awesome handcream at night just before bed, and my skin has improved a bit. Here's the link to it, if you are interested:


  5. Thanks- I'll keep on hand. Yeah, I put lotion on at night, I use Anthropologie's Rose Hand Cream currently :)


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