April 8, 2011

Review: bareMinerals Skincare Line

I ordered the new bareMinerals skincare package back in March. The two products (cleanser and moisturizer) are supposed to last me 30 days. It's been 30 days so I thought I'd share my review.

I tried to use only these products for the full month, but honestly I couldn't. At first, it was great. But the weather in New York grew very harsh (windy, rainy and in the thirties). My skin has since become very dry. Drier than it ever has, like patches of white spots (so gross) that feel like sandpaper. I've tried doubling up on the moisturizer, but it seems my skin just sucks it up and never quenches it's thirst.

The cleanser was okay but I prefer my Cetaphil. I would've preferred some kind of scrubbing beads like my Aveeno scrub has if it's supposed to be the only cleanser I use so I could exfoliate a little. I don't think it revealed younger looking skin (although I'm only 25).

I don't want to bash the line too harshly because I do have very finicky skin so when I take it out of it's routine it can become unhappy. It definitely became unhappy the last two weeks of using these products, I'm not sure they are completely to blame but they just aren't for me.

Would I buy again? The moisturizer perhaps, but not the cleanser.

Have you tried these products? What has your experience been?


  1. Hmm, have been curious to try the make-up. Have you tried that? Always hesitant to switch cleansers. Thanks for the review!

  2. I love their makeup! That's why I was eager to try this, but my face dried up really badly so I need to just stick to my routine :/

  3. Thanks for the review! I love their mineral foundation but good to hear their cleanser is only so-so. Isn't Cetaphil such a classic?

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