April 4, 2011

NBC Gives Fashion A Try With New Competition Show

With the success of "Project Runway" many networks have created designer competition reality shows like Bravo's "The Fashion Show" with Isaac Mizrahi. NBC is looking to tap into that success with it's new show "Fashion Star" with supermodel Elle MacPherson as the host.

The show is basically the same premise as all the others: 12 unknown designers competing in weekly challenges except supposedly not so high-end but more mass market. The prize? A multimillion dollar contract for a fashion line.

I'm glad NBC is finally tapping into fashion since almost all the other major networks have, except maybe CBS. I also like the concept of instant buying like some designers do at Fashion Week. Each week after the show, the designs will be available for purchase (even the losing ones) for the viewers. Kind of cool, right?

NBC is desperate for a hit. Recently, they ended "Perfect Couples" short to promote a new Paul Reiser comedy. They had to dig that far back in their roller deck. Fashion shows definitely do well for networks so I hope NBC gives "Fashion Star" a chance (i.e. put it at a good time slot). The show is set to air in 2012. We'll see if Elle can hold her own against other famous supermodel host, Heidi Klum.

Will you be watching the show?

Source: New York Times/ Image Source

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