April 25, 2011

My Hair Transformation

Old high school photo

I was browsing some old Facebook photos and I was amazed how different my hair was in all the pics. Thought I'd share my hair transformation through photos:

I chopped my hair for Locks of Love on my 23rd birthday (almost 3 years ago!). I had short hair once in 5th grade and it was awful. I guess I forgot that awful memory. I tried to add some plum colored streaks... didn't really work out. That is the only time I've ever put any dye on my hair... otherwise I have "virgin" hair.

I went to what I call my "winter" bangs when my hair was still growing out... hated this phase!

Once my bangs grew out I started sweeping them to the side. This is my Janet Jackson "Love Will Never Do Without You" hair.

I had shoulder length by my graduation which was May 2009. I got it curled!

Family photo
My hair finally had grown back by that summer... I missed my long hair!

Then I went back to winter bangs but with long hair thankfully.

Then back to sideswept bangs over a month ago.

And most recently, rocking my Janelle Monae inspired pompadour, which I wore this past weekend for my friend's birthday party!

It looked better before I left the house... vintage earrings I found on Etsy!

What has your hair transformation been like?


  1. wowza, that is a lot of hair transformations! love it though because shows your not a gal who stays in one place. I have bangs (as you can see in the blog), but debating growing them out. A "winter bang" soon?? Maybe!

  2. haha thanks :) I can't stand blunt bangs during warm weather so I always go sideswept.

  3. How cute that you did the Janelle Monae hair style she rocks! I like the blunt bangs on you actually. My hair unfortunately hasnt changed much... I always have the same cutt. I want a change but I dont even know what to do it? Ive done bangs before and I always end up hating it bc I dont like hair in my face. Le Sigh. ;-)

  4. haha love the "le sigh" Have you tried a bob or blob? I think something asymmetrical might look good on you!

  5. Love looking at how hair changes throughout the years and pics!

  6. Can't decide whether you look nicer with a fringe or without - you look great with both!

  7. It' always fun to change hair. I don't think mine has stayed the same for too long. The winter bangs really suit you, especially with long hair.
    Sideswept bangs always look fab. can't wait to get mine back.
    I also love the last hairstyle! It's so pretty.

  8. @Katie- Thanks for reading!

    @MJ- Aw thank you :)

    @Sherin- haha I change my mind all the time but I don't do anything too drastic except when I donated my hair. I don't think I'll go that short again :x

  9. your hairstory has been kind to you... And you are so freakin beautifuL! :-)
    My hair has been thru it all. colors. cuts. waves. etc. its currently at its virgin state. and i like it that way

  10. @Mo Diva- haha aww thank you :) Yes, keep it natural as long as you can!


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