April 24, 2011

My Easter Holiday Nails

In the spirit of Easter (I like doing themed nails), I decided to do a fun manicure. I liked the glitter manicure so much before that I continued with it. I alternated colors that I had available in my collection. I opted for white, pink, green, purple and yellow. I wish I had a blue. The glitter was bigger chunks than the silver one so I found it didn't stay on as nicely.

As you can see... it was a little messy
What I used:

* e.l.f.'s "Mint Cream" (green)
* China Glaze's "Spontaneous" (purple)
* Zoya's "Gaia" (white) "Pippa" (yellow) and "Avril" (pink)
* Some random Old Navy gold shimmer powder
* Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength top coat

What do you think? What are you wearing on your nails?


  1. i like the green. it actually looks a bit blue--great for Easter!

  2. It's turquoise I guess... hehe thanks!

  3. This post made me so upset that I havent gotten a manicure in about 2 weeks. My polish is still holding on, but barely. Gah!

    Your nails look super cute tho.

  4. haha aww I didn't mean to upset you!

  5. Beautiful Easter-y colours! I love the glitter - it works so well!

  6. Happy Easter!

    I'm loving the green and yellow shades. Sadly, my nails are quite neglected and un-colourful.

  7. Thank you ladies! Happy Easter :)

  8. Oh love the multi-colored nails! Perfect for spring:) I'm wearing Essie Merino Cool today.


We all have opinions... I want to hear yours!

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