April 15, 2011

Lady Gaga For 'Harper's Bazaar' May's Issue

Versace top
Gaga was shot by Terry Richardson for Harper's Bazaar and of course, I love it. Yes, she's still rocking her alien disfigurements but she looks gorgeous!

Dress by Tex Saverio
How incredible is this?

McQueen booties
Work Liberace's piano Gaga!

Dress and mask by McQueen
Dior Haute Couture dress
This photo weirds me out but great shout out to Galliano with the Dior dress.

Outfit by Thierry Muegler

And they thought she was a hermaphrodite...

Gaga also released her latest single "Judas." Listen below:

What do you think of the song and the shoot?


  1. crazy look , so wild , but I like it ~!:)

  2. I LOVE these pictures!!!! She looks amazing.

  3. that last one bugged me out a bit- but shes gorgeous.
    And i wonder with they did with all those macarons! lol.


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