April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton Gets Her Fairytale!

Like billions (yes, billion) of other people, I woke up at 4am this morning to tune into the Royal Wedding. I wasn't into the big hype and all the product tie ins. However, I knew it was an historic occasion. I wasn't born when Princess Diana wed Prince Charles in 1981, but it is still talked about. I knew Kate and William's wedding would be the same. I also wanted to see the dress!

Kate to the relief of many fashionistas wore Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. It was Kate's style: modern elegance. It wasn't over the top foofoo, which I liked. It had some Grace Kelly inspiration with the lace sleeves, cinched waist with padded hips (which were to make the waist look smaller). She also reportedly wore custom Alexander McQueen heels. At first, I wasn't sure about her doing her own makeup but as I got to learn more about Kate during the 2 hour special, it made sense. She is not the typical princess because she was born a "commoner," she's the only one to have a college degree, she and William live together (before being married *gasp*), she's 29 (on the older side) and she also requested the word "obey" be taking out of the vows. I have a new found respect for her!

There were also fashionable guests:

The Queen herself looked amazing in canary yellow. She's 85!

Her sister, Pippa, also wore white (which was so shocking) and McQueen. I think she looked great and the white was perfectly fine.

Posh and Beck were fashionable (as expected). I loved David's slicked hair!

There was a socialite, Tara Palmer-Tomkins who looked great in blue.

There was some debate about Princess Beatrice's headpiece but I liked it. She seems like a fun girl!

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? What did you think of Kate's dress?

Images via US Magazine, OK! Magazine


  1. Lol as you know I absolutely loved it. Although I didn't wake up at 4am to see it haha. Her dress was so elegant and modern. I am also glad she went with Sarah Burton! She did an amazing job!

  2. Yes: I was glued to the tv for most of the day! Kate looked absolutely gorgeous in the McQueen dress. Definitely a perfect bride.
    And I loved how the Queen was rocking yellow at 85! Love her!

    P.S. Need to marry Prince Harry now.

  3. @lifeandotherdrugs- Yes!

    @Sherin- haha you must post pics of the events outside!


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