April 20, 2011

Just Say No To Thongs

This might be a TMI post... but women think they have to wear these awful monstrosities when they really don't. I don’t wear thongs anymore. In high school, that was all I wore. My family joked that I could fit all my underwear in a shoe box since they were so small. They were probably right.

Now I’ve grown older and wiser and prefer boy shorts or a brief cut bikini bottom. Looking back now I have no idea why I put up with thongs! I somehow convinced myself that they were comfortable when they really weren't. I now love Aerie’s (from American Eagle) underwear - they are the best! Another reason I stopped wearing thongs was health purposes. I really had no idea about the risks involved with thongs... it ain't pretty. You are more likely to get vaginal infections (ouch!). If you are worried about VPL (visible panty lines) there are other options like a boy short that covers more. Why go less when more is probably better? You can see the lines of thongs on your hips btw so you are basically wearing less underwear to still have the same issue. Another reason I stopped was after high school I just wasn't a fan of my ass hanging out... hmm wonder why that is. Seemed I don't know... what's the word I'm looking for... oh! slutty to me.

But what about guys? First of all, who cares what they think?! Sorry that was my inner feminist talking.
But if you really do, I say that there can be sexy lingerie without thongs. Although I’m single now,  I was in a relationship where he actually preferred boyshorts. He preferred the cotton feel of my well worn boyshorts, which worked for me. He found me sexiest when I was in no makeup, pajamas, read: comfortable. Not all done up with porn star makeup and overly complicated lingerie. I discovered this is more common than I realized when my friends who were in relationships said their boyfriends are the same way! I'm sure it is the same case for the ladies as well. Comedienne Whitney Cummings said in her special Money Shot (lovely name) that guys don't pay attention to that stuff, "you'll never see a guy approach a girl at the club then quickly run back to his friends like 'yo what were those lines!'" I definitely agree and think men (or women) will be checking out your body... no matter what. You can feel sexy in any undergarments you wear, just be confident!

Are you on the non-thong-wearing train like me or no?


  1. I personally don't like to wear any underwear. I feel restricted when I have on underwear. I'm more of a boyshort wearer when I do wear them. Love your articles.

  2. NO UNDERWEAR?! I would feel too exposed haha thanks! Were you still interested in that cuff? Email me at kimberleevdw (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  3. I used to hate thongs! In the beginning I bought a couple, but 2 years ago on a shopping spree I got a lot of them, but now I don't wear them often because of hygiene reasons and I'd gladly get rid of most of them!!
    I prefer the regular bikini ones, and the boyshorts (especially from Victoria's Secret Pink)...those are super comfortable!

    btw...I made a post about lingerie about a month ago and I made some similar points like you! You can sheck it out here: http://designedbyann.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/on-lingerie/


  4. I'm so glad I stopped wearing thongs as well. I can't believe I tried to convince myself they were comfortable.
    There are definitely more comfortable alternatives, that can make you feel sexier: lace briefs.

  5. @Anna- Thanks for reading! I'll check out the post ;)

    @Sherin- Yes I've seen some posts you've written about sexy lingerie ;) Very nice!

  6. I've heard numerous people talk about pantylines. Also the boyshort no underwear line panties (From VS) still leave a line when taking steps. But really who cares? Who should be looking?

    It is all brand dependent for me. Some thongs are awesome. Some aren't. Some bikini bottom panties are awful. Some boy short ones stretch like nobodies business and are awful. So I'm not for or against one particular kind.

  7. haha exactly... who cares! Where what makes you comfortable :)

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