April 25, 2011

I Say Yes To Kitten Heels

Alexa Chung wore Valentino's studded kitten heels

Recently, there's been an unabashed hatred towards kitten heels. I know bloggers are all about their Jeffrey Campbells, but why are they picking on the little guy (or lady)? I've been rocking kitten heels for a long time because they are cute and practical. I'm not one of those women who walks elegantly in heels and I like to be comfortable. Kitten heels have been great for climbing all the stairs to the subway when I'm going to job interviews. Take a look at these fashionable kitten heels before you judge:

Our fashionable First Lady wears them

Princess to be, Kate Middleton, wears them
How fierce are these leopard print ones?

She's too hot to trot

Even one of the famous platform wearing bloggers, Karen, wore them!

So now time for you to weigh in... what do you think of kitten heels?


  1. I LOVE them. Haters gon hate!

  2. I love kitten heels too. Great when I have to be extra super mom.

  3. @Sarah- haha so true!

    @briannaow- Glad you agree :)

    @Pumps and Gloss- go moms!

  4. i'm not big on kitten heels for myself ONLY BECAUSE i find them uncomfortable. strangely enough, platforms are more comfortable for me.

    but, i do think they look chic!

  5. @Brilliant Brunette- YEY!

    @Zarna- haha well you are one of those girls who find heels more comfortable like you mentioned wearing your highest heels at the airport... I could never! Thanks for commenting ;)

  6. I don't own any but I used to, and they are definitely comfortable! But I feel more at ease with wedges or platform heels :)

  7. I adore those Valentino kitten heels! I like that they're not too high, but for some reason I always find kitten heels difficult to walk in :(

  8. I've always thought kitten heels were so cute, never understood why people didn't like them.

  9. @Audrey Allure- I love wedges but sometimes we should give our feet a break with these classy shoes :)

    @Alex- Aren't they sick? Really... I guess if you're used to a higher heel it may be difficult.

    @Mango Gal- Glad you agree!

  10. When I hear heels, I naturally cringe. For me and heels ain't the best of friends. Basically i avoid them at any cost. There're always sticking in the tiles of the pavement. And always when I'm in a hurry. But it does look better. I guess I'm having a love/hate relationship with them.

  11. Ok... I don't HATE them, but I find them to be quite unflattering unless you've got really skinny legs. Maybe it's just me? I just think that the higher the heel, the better your legs look, lol!
    But I agree, they are definitely more practical especially for job interviews etc And Alexa's Valentinos are HOT! x

  12. My go-to sandals are black kitten heels with crystals - they're so versatile and classic!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  13. I totally agree...the hating on kitten heels is a tad harsh. I still love them and still wear them. I couldn't believe I went to sell some things at buffalo exchange including a pair of really cute kitten heels that were just too tight for me and the girl said, "oh no one wears these heels anymore"...gasp! fine you and me will be the 2 who do!

  14. @Mode Plus- I would think all heels would get stuck in the sidewalk. Aww well hopefully you'll find a great pair!

    @Franki- I think it's more flattering to walk gracefully and I don't walk so gracefully in a high heel. I don't have long legs but I think a little heel can still create an illusion :)

    @Chic 'n Cheap- Those sound amazing! Do you have a pic?

    @Made-to-travel- She said that?! haha yes I'm perfectly fine being one of the only two people who wear them :p


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