April 19, 2011

I Didn't Grow Up Dreaming About My Wedding

They say every girl grows up dreaming about her wedding. Not me. It could have been because I was a tomboy. Or my early feminist stages. Whatever the case, it's been shoved in my face in my adult life. The wedding industry (that's what it is) is growing and I'm not a big fan. There's #WeddingWednesdays on Twitter, Daily Candy launching a Wedding section where I've been receiving daily e-mails, there are wedding specials on sample sites like Gilt Groupe, there is an entire television network dedicated to it, etc. Then most recently, my friend's engagement to a guy she was dating for a month (but that's a story for another time).

I think the first time I ever actually thought about my own wedding was when my sister was planning hers almost 6 years ago. I was amazed how expensive everything was and how stressful trying to bring two families together can be. The wedding industry astonishes me like the pet industry. The things people spend money are so meaningless.  We went to numerous "wedding events" where all these companies try to sell you on the idea of "once in a lifetime."

I wasn't the born with the "look at me" gene where I would want any event that was all about me. My sister's wedding reinstated this fact for me. It was so stressful for her, yes she had a beautiful wedding, but had to endure a major headache for it. If I was ever going to get married, I would go to court with not many guests. I don't like the thought of walking down an aisle to have every one look at you. I do like the dancing and presents idea of it all (lol!).

Did you grow up dreaming about your wedding?

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  1. I grew up dreaming about weddings and i always wanted an expensive one until like this year. There are other things you could spend your money on, for example a down payment for a house or car. I just want to get married on the beach with about 20 people. I'm divorce. My first wedding was at court and it wasn't romantic. I want to wear my dream dress and only have the most important people in my life there on that special day.

  2. I def wasnt a girl who dreamed about her wedding day and to some extent still really am. I think Ive fallen victim to the weddin gchannel and all the hype, but I guess I will have to wait and see what happens when the time comes. My parents got married in the courts, seems like the easy thing to do haha

  3. i totally grew up fantasizing about my wedding... now? Dont think i would do the whole big party. I would instead pick a ssexy island and elope there.

  4. I do think about it sometimes, but I would love a simple ceremony on the beach. Although just a small group is out of the question, I have sixty cousins and someone will be offended if they aren't invited!
    I feel you on the "getting married after dating them for a month" issue. My cousin got married last summer and he was 19. You can give advice, but in the end, it's their life you know?

  5. @downtownchicagebarbie- Aw I'm sorry. Yeah there are definitely better things to spend your money on.

    @StyleMeBAD- Go your parents! Yes I feel like I've been brain washed by this wedding shows haha

    @Mo Diva- Oooh a sexy island sounds nice haha We need to get shake shack!

    @Erin- Wow that's a lot of cousins. I definitely hear that but I just don't get the appeal of rushing to get married especially when you're young *sigh*


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