April 14, 2011

Guest Post: 5 Tips To Loving Yourself With A Playlist

Today's guest post comes from Style Me B.A.D. Bad stands for Be (B)eautiful: inside and out, Be (A)uthentic: true to yourself, and Be (D)etermined: go for what you want. I think women need to work harder at building themselves up and she definitely is leading the charge.

1. You Gotta Have the Mind State Like I'm So Great
It is important that you are your biggest fan. So tell yourself how fab you look, what an excellent job you did, or how amazing the dinner you made was. I constantly cheer myself on in my mind with nothing but good things to say.  The more you tell yourself how great you are the more you start to believe it and, in turn, the better your self image.
Playlist Track: "Conceited" by Remy Martin

2. Remember That You're Beautiful Like a Flower.
Your clothes can be very powerful mood boosters. One great outfit can positively effect your outlook on the entire day. So put effort into your appearance and wear clothes that make you feel good about being YOU.
Playlist Track: "Beautiful Flower" by India Arie

3. Don't you ever EVER feel like you're less than F*ckin Perfect. 
Give up trying to be a perfectionist, and give yourself permission to be a human being who will naturally make mistakes (and learn from them) every so often. Try to focus more of your energy on counting up your blessings and all the good in your life. Chances are you will have more to smile than cry about.
Playlist Track: "F*ckin Perfect" by P!NK

4. Never be someone's Stepping Stone
Know your worth and don't ever compromise yourself for someone else. It is so important that you love yourself more than anyone else will ever love you. Once you learn to love your imperfect, yet beautiful self it will make it that much easier for someone else to find you completely perfect.  
Playlist Track: "Stepping Stone" by Duffy

5. What about your friends?
Start associating yourself with like minded people. Being around positive, ambitious individuals is only going to help you in the long run because their positivity will rub off and their dedication will only motivate you further. If your "friends" only bring you negativity or absolutely nothing at all except a hangover in the morning, its time to find a new crew to roll with.
Playlist Track: "What About Your Friends?" by TLC

What songs are on your playlist?


  1. Great post love all the positive ideas! I'm definitely going to keep all in mind. It's sometimes tough to stay positive.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  2. Thanks for reading Jerrica! It definitely is hard, that's why I enlisted help :)

  3. Amazing Post!! I can't wait to listem to some of these songs and add to my ipod!!

  4. I LOVE Style me BAD! And this is another great post from her. She always has such great little tips and words of advise to keep me pushing on. Excellent song choices. India Arie Beautiful Flower is AMAZE!! WOW.

  5. Aw glad you checked out her post! She's pretty badass ;)

  6. so fun! i love making playlists :D


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