April 6, 2011

FTF Blog Event 4/6: Where I Come From

For the first Full Time Fabulous blog event, we are to present visuals of our heritage. Hopefully this will let you get to know me a little better!

I'm originally from New Jersey so included a little map of my hometown. Growing up in New Jersey, I always dreamed of living in Manhattan- now I do! I have this poster of the evening view of Manhattan in my apartment now just as a reminder of how lucky I am.

I'm half Irish (and Dutch) so I included the oh so true logo of "Everybody Loves An Irish Girl." My mom's side is the Irish part and her father is exactly where I get my personality. I'm joked as "Grandpa junior." He loved his family wholeheartedly although he would bust their chops (as we say) until his last breath.

I grew up with a a long, red haired dachshund named Buster. He was the worst dog ever, but we loved him as a part of the family. When he passed away, my mom quickly got two new rescue doxies. My sister has one and I know I plan on getting one so they are kind of our family dog.

I had to include the game of Scrabble because that is the family game. We are so competitive about it. Even though my sister is in California, my brother is in New Jersey, and I'm in New York we play on an app on our phone as well as Facebook. I must have like 5 games of Scrabble going right now, it's ridiculous. When we get together we always play, this past summer we got the Diamond Edition. Anyone who wants to be part of the family has to go through a game of Scrabble (lol!).

I, of course, had to include something fashion as that has been my love since I was little. My mom always joked how I had ridiculous fashion requests on my Christmas list like a white rabbit fur coat in third grade. I have no idea now why I wanted a white coat (lol!), but I was pretty pimpin'.


  1. very nice! my husband is dutch and we went to the netherlands last year. loved it there. thanks for sharing your FTF post!

  2. Thanks for reading! Oh really? I've never been... really want to!

  3. I love that y'all connect across the country with Scrabble!

  4. Loving your collage! I'm Irish on my mama's side, too. And shamelessly I've never played Scrabble; I completely adore that you and your siblings stay connected with it!

  5. you are so adorable! i love the descriptions of the pictures you chose and thank you for sharing these things about yourself with us. doxies (cute nickname for them btw, never heard that before) are so adorable. my bf's dad has a dog named buster, i think it's such a cute name. and i love the story about your first white rabbit fur coat. i'm sure you were absolutely pimpin'! hehehe.

    thanks so much for participating in my blog event!
    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  6. @Casee- Aw thank you! Go Irish girls ;)

    @Kristy- Thanks for reading! Of course, hope to participate in more!

  7. I discovered you via ftf blog event and so happy i did. Like what you did with the theme and keep on showing us your pimpin style!


  8. Oh I love to play scrabble, and I love the fact that it is something that connects you and your family!

    Doxies are such cute dogs. Great choice for a family pet.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself!

  9. Thanks for reading! hehe I love doxies :)

  10. Nice presentation!!Can't blame you for liking Manhattan...NYC is a magical place :P


  11. Thanks- not as nice as yours ;) But yes NYC is the best city in the world :p

  12. I love that you play games with your siblings. I also am close with my family even though we may not live in the same areas. Scrabble's always fun, we have an ongoing game of chess & my Papa & brother & I always pick up where we left off when we arrive at each others location. (we're kinda nerdy that way) hehe! -xxoo Nice post dear!


  13. aww that's so sweet :) Thanks for reading!

  14. great presentation babe....and the scrabble photos is just awesome :D it was our family game too with some old filipino card games...


  15. Thanks for stopping by! ohh your version sounds interesting ;)

  16. Cute collage! How cool that you get to finally live in your dream city, and I love that you keep in touch with your siblings so well :)

    Twitter @theloudermouth
    Birthday Blog Event

  17. Thanks for checking out my post :) hehe I love NYC!

  18. STOP IT!!! - I have like 9 games of some form of scrabble between lexulous and words with friends. I am kind of really good :) Just sayin'

    Also I can totally appreciate the sentiment, I grew up in queens and dreamed of living in the city and now that I do I am thankful every single day. Wonderful choices for you collage, it does show a lot about you.

  19. Thanks! haha I love words with friends!

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