April 8, 2011

FBFF: Spring Trends

 What are the top 5 Spring trends that you are looking forward to seeing/sporting this season? (Can be anything from makeup, shoes, accessories, clothing, etc..) 

I've been writing about trends a lot lately. First I wrote a guest post for HiFashion about trends I won't be wearing and recently a post about beauty trends for LOVE TWENTY. With the cold temperatures we've been having, I'm just looking forward to spring period! So here are a few trends I hope to rock this coming season:

1) Socks With Heels- Can we just agree this trend is cute? It will probably make all our sky high heels more comfortable. Now I just need a pair of cute socks that I can show off!

2) Wedges- As you probably guessed by my recent purchase of Jessica Simpson's "Dany" heels that I'm into these seventies platform shoes. These Julian Louise x Aldo wedges are amazing!

3) Neon- Everything! Neon nails, neon pants, neon bags. Jil Sander sent a lot of great neon colors down the runway. Designers really want you to stand out this season, which is hard for us New Yorkers who wear all black all the time.

4) Color Blocking- This trend personally terrifies me but also excites me. Those who have pulled it off look great. But those who haven't look like well... Sinbad. This trend kind of leads me to the final one...

5) Colored Jeans- I need more colorful bottoms if I'm going to color block. I want a great spring color, anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I seriously LOVE your picks darling! Socks and heels is adorable. Go for it!!

    x Anika

  2. Definitely loving the coral jeans! And I agree with your picks especially the wedges, just bought a pair recently!

  3. Ooh! Love all the things you've picked - I'm thinking of trying colored jeans too - so fun.

  4. Thank you :) What color jeans would you go for?

  5. I am crazy about the socks with heels! Don't know if I could do it though!! I love your list of trends! matters of merrymaking

  6. All your picks are brilliant but I especially agree with the high heels with socks, it's so cute!


  7. The coral jeans/pants is something I too am seeking. I would consider red or purple too.
    Happy Friend Friday!!

  8. I've definitely grown to love socks with heels. The neon blazer makes me smile! -xxoo

  9. Love color blocking!
    Monique xx


  10. @Yvonne- I would consider any color. I just need some colorful pants!

    @Fashion Tales- Have you worn them? I want to see!

    @Monique- Thanks for reading!

  11. I have to get bold enough to wear socks with my heels. My BF would probably look at me like I'm plum crazy if I went out with him like that!!


  12. haha mine was not a fan of my turban :p


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