April 26, 2011

'Dancing With The Stars' Make Me Reminiscence About Middle School

HANSON!!! You don't even understand how big of a crush I had on Zach Hanson in the 6th grade (he's still pretty cute btw). He was my Bieber. It was the only time Kim caught the "teenie bopper" fever. Last night, they were on "Guilty Pleasures" night of Dancing With The Stars. That show knows how to suck me in!

I loved them because they were original. They played and wrote their own music, which not many pop stars could say at the time.... looking at you Britney. They were like the other "boy bands" out there because they were brothers and not doing tacky dance routines. Now they're all married, which makes me feel old (lol!). 

Who was your teenie bopper crush on?


  1. Now, i love me some Hanson. Especially some 1998 hanson. But i cant help but laugh that here we are- grown- and still cant make out what the hell they are saying in MMM Bop. And im not talking about the chorus LOL. I posted somethin on facebook about not understandign them and everyone posted the scat... i get the scat. thats the only freakin part i DO get! sheesh! lol. Now, that ralph macchio on the oter hand... he can wax on and off all night and I will blush.

  2. lmao you like Ralph Macchio?! I don't think it makes sense. I looked up the lyrics once and had no idea haha it's just fun to sing :)


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