April 22, 2011

Confession: I Can't Go Completely Green With My Beauty Routine

It's not this bad....

Today is Earth Day and I have a confession. My beauty routine is not the greenest. I try to be eco-friendly by recycling, not using water bottles, bringing my own bags shopping, buying local vegetables and fruit, using eco-friendly products. However, one area I can't seem to get on the "green" train is beauty. I've tried a few eco-friendly beauty products and have been disappointed.

Burt's Bees is one of the best known environmentally friendly brands. Their lip balm is pretty good. However, I was very let down by their shampoo and conditioner. I currently use Dove and Aussie's 3-minute miracle leave in conditioner.

bareMinerals eco-friendly skincare line couldn't hold up for me especially in this terrible winter weather. I need to stick what works, which is Aveeno's daily facial scrub and Cetaphil cleanser.

I purchased a Physician's Formula foundation; however, it was expired and smelled funny. The palest color was nowhere near my shade so I stick to Stila's tinted moisturizer or recently Maybelline's FIT foundation.

Some nail polish companies have claimed to be eco-friendly but I'm not sure how organic it can be with all the coloring plus there's no environmentally friendly nail polish remover so it all ends up the same. Zoya is nice but not a lot of color choices (and also costs as much as OPI), Ginger + Liz is not very accessible (and expensive), Butter London I was let down by how long it lasted. I like my China Glaze.

The only semi-decent product that could be classified as eco-friendly is Neutrogena's naturals lip balm. I do apply it obsessively but it works pretty well.

Where have you been able to go green in your beauty routine?


  1. I can't go green but I do try to recycle. I love Burt Bees chapstick. Aveeno I'm not too sure about. Is it really mad for women of color?

  2. I'm a crazy recycler and composter. Well, the City of Seattle has a yard waste program and they turn it into compost. Regarding my beauty regimen, I use Kiehl's. They're supposed to be all natural but everyone says that nowadays. I've started using Aveda again for hair products. I only wear lip products and I've been using M•A•C lately. They have a program where they'll recycle your empty containers. I think you get a free one after you recycle so many.
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  3. great post and blog :)

    Kisses from Poland!

  4. Going Green is actually much more difficult than we give credit. We never really realize how unearth friendly so many items in our day to day lives are. I use Burts Bee's lip balms (I love their tinted ones, so nice). I also use Tom's products from time to time (they have awesome shampoos, toothpastes, etc). I use Neutrogena very frequently, mostly due to my sensitive skin. I do recycle, conserve on electricity, all that good stuff.


  5. Those nail polishes are in such pretty colors!

    Monique xx


  6. zoya makes my absolute favorite shade of polish! i can never remember the name but the place i got to get my nails done always has it, and that's good enough for me!

    i think as long as people are making a conscious effort to de-clutter and simplify their lives a non-green item here and there isn't horrible. i try to be as least wasteful as possible and think i make a pretty good effort. our problem is just getting things we don't need. as long as you actually use the things you purchase, you're being pretty resourceful!

    thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! have a wonderful weekend!

    awkwardly chic

  7. @downtownchicagobarbie- Hmm I don't know, it's a very gentle scrubbing cleanser that doesn't irritate my skin as much as Apricot Scrub did.

    @JenHaHa- Yeah I don't buy enough MAC products to do their program haha and Zoya has one as well which I just recently bought three of their bottles so hopefully I can recycle them. It's hard to tell what is really "all natural" because companies use it so freely :/

    @Claudia- Aw thank you!

    @Kirstin Marie- Yeah, I hope all my other "green" hobbies make up for the lack of it in my beauty products. Sigh.

    @Monique- haha thanks. I'm a fan of neon, electric colors and Zoya's seem to be subdued to me so I don't have many bottles of it.

    @Suzanne- Thanks for reading and making me feel better! hehe Well with the makeup I don't use, I'm donating to charity so someone can get use out of them. I do try to be resourceful though :)


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