April 19, 2011

5 Graduation Dresses Under $50 (And Pants!)

JcPenney's on sale $29.99

I wrote an article for LOVE TWENTY about affordable graduation dresses. I personally wore a Modcloth dress that was very unique (lol!) because I was graduating fashion school, we kind of had to top each other in outlandish outfits. I did see the crime of two girls wearing the same dress (horrifying!). I'll be attending my brother's in May so I need to decide on an outfit. Here are some dresses I selected:

Macy's on sale $40.99
Boysenberry Popsicle dress from Lulu's $46

Delia*s $49.50

This dress comes in blue, black or magenta. Magenta was the color that the model was wearing.

ELLE floral pleated dress $39.99
I personally own this Kohl's dress and contemplated wearing it for my brother's graduation. However, this weather has been horrendous lately that I'm not sure in May the weather will be nice enough! So I might go with pants.

I've been loving high-waisted trouser pants like these Urban Outfitters. I found a great pair at H&M that I have to go back for. I liked this pic though because I contemplated wearing them with my Dany heels which look like the shoes the model is wearing. 

What did you wear to graduation?

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