April 11, 2011

5 Engagement Gift Ideas Under $50

My friend recently got engaged and so now I have to find gifts. She is the first of my friends and hopefully the last to get married so I've been adjusting to this whole idea that I'm at this stage in my life (but that's another story for another time). Being in our mid twenties, we can't spend a lot of money on gifts since I still have to buy a bridal shower gift and the wedding gift. Apparently, the engagement gift you are supposed to get something for the home. I've come up with a few ideas of reasonably priced gifts and thought I'd share in case anyone else is in the same boat as me:

1) Wine/wine glasses- Apparently, this is the classy gift. I don't drink so I really have no idea about this stuff but my sister (who is married) suggested it. Get something that makes sense for the couple. If they like to entertain, buy them a set. If you know they look a certain brand, get them a bottle with two glasses. Catch my drift?

2) Candles- If you know your friend's taste then judge accordingly. I like these modern candles, but it might not work for every couple. Buy at least two so it looks like a cohesive set. If you have no idea, the classic white vanilla candle is always a safe bet.

3) Vase- Like the candles, try to judge your friend's taste. If you have enough money, it always nice to include flowers to go with the vase. If you have no idea what your their taste is just go with a classic clear one like pictured above.

4) Movie tickets- Every couple goes the movies and it's expensive now. It's nice gesture to get them a book of tickets. Or you could swap it for cooking lessons or something more suited to their interests. This is kind of the "unique" gift option where you could go outside the box a little.

5) How cute is this fondue set? If you have a foodie couple that wants to entertain guests then a fondue set is a great gift. If you know they like cheeses, maybe include their favorite cheese with the gift.

I think the great thing about all these gifts is that they are fairly flexible and you can adjust according to your friend's personal taste.

Any other ideas you want to share?


  1. I like the movie ticket or some kinda of entertainment option. It really depends on the couple's interests. Btw, don't feel obligated to give engagement gifts. You will end up attending lots of weddings and there were will be tons of gifts to give eventually!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Restaurant gift cards. sometimes couples dont take the time necessary to have a nice romantic dinner together.

  3. @Chic 'n Cheap- I was totally not going to get them something because I'm so broke, I can't afford to get 3 gifts, pay to get to the wedding and an outfit *sigh* I'm so not looking forward to more haha

    @Jazzy- Thanks!

    @Mo Diva- Yes, definitely!

  4. That fondue set is too adorable!

  5. Isn't it?! I want it for myself :p

  6. Love the fondue set!! I am at that stage of my life too.. seems like everyone is getting married or knocked up haha

  7. haha oh boy no one has been knocked up yet, but I think baby clothes are cute to pick out. Weddings is just making a fuss over a couple who is already throwing a big "look at me" party :p I'm not bitter lol

  8. I want this candles for my engagement..


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