March 6, 2011

When To Wash Your Face

I used to be beauty illiterate. It wasn't until I joined the blogging world that I found information that I didn't even know I needed to know... such as when to wash my face. I was never really taught how to wear makeup, or how to french braid my hair so the blogging world has been a great help (love ya!). Since I learned this tip by asking fellow beauty bloggers, I thought I'd pass along my knowledge.

You should wash your face at the end of your shower (yes I really didn't know this information... so sad). Here are some reasons why: the hot water will open up your pores and you want to avoid getting conditioner on your pores because that can clog them. So wash your hair first and your face last. My skin has been quite wonderful since I made this switch. I also learned that St. Ives Apricot Scrub is too rough for my face so I've since switched over to Aveeno (amazing stuff!).

So was this information helpful? Who did you learn beauty tips from?

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  1. I always wash my face at the end of my shower but I didn't know that you were supposed to do that! I'm not very good with beauty stuff either hehe


  2. Ooo, I had no idea about this. I usually just wash my face first thing in the morning.

  3. @Leia- haha well you have better instincts than me!

    @Sherin- well I'm glad I'm not the only one :p I do that too and supposedly you are supposed to wash it at night then just freshen up in the morning.


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