March 11, 2011

We Love A Good Come Back

Humans are a very strange species. We have always enjoyed the demise of someone who isn't our self. The Romans glorified having men die as a sport. In 2011, we have celebrities. We love to watch them go off the rails (usually caused by the stress of the public and fame- go us!) and criticize how they live such awful lives with drugs and racist comments. Yet, in some sick twisted way we love to see them have a come back!

Kate Moss recently made her "come back" at Paris Fashion Week (as if there wasn't enough drama!) at the Louis Vuitton show. She walked the runway, the first time in nearly a decade. She closed the show, strutting in hot pants and smoking a cigarette (Charlie Sheen anyone?). The fashion community was like "Yes! She's back!" How quickly we forget shots of Ms. Moss snorting cocaine and saying she's such a bad mother because she parties too much. We realized that she's a great model so put away her personal life and hoped for a career come back.
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Here are my two cents about John Galliano. I don't condone anything he said, it was awful. However, why was everyone shocked? Don't we know that the creative geniuses are the most ludicrous and damaged people... McQueen? I think he clearly had an alcohol problem and should have been offered help rather than fired. There were rumors Dior was trying to get rid of him, which I believe because of how abruptly they dropped the axe. We've seen people do or say worse and applauded a come back. How quickly we forget. He is an amazing designer, since when do we expect them to be good people? Karl Lagerfeld once said he didn't want fat people wearing his clothes. We forgave him!

Someone we've forgiven for a lot worse... Chris Brown. Domestic violence is an awful crime. He too used alcohol as an excuse for such irrational behavior. I didn't like him to begin with but once I found that out... I was done with him. He acted so immaturely after the incident. Now people are saying that radio DJs should play his song and stop holding a grudge. Really? He dyes his hair, produces some crappy song and now we're all dancing again. WTF?! It is absurd to me.
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A great come back success story is Britney Spears. I was actually really worried about that girl at one point. The girl shaved her head! Yet she's out with a new album, still creating great songs to dance to and posing for magazines looking great. Yes, she may still be the white trash girl from Louisiana but career wise she seems to have pulled it together and breaking records.

Should certain celebrities get a come back? Or no?


  1. So true - what a mix of people that have made a comeback. The public either has a short memory or huge capacity for forgiveness.
    It's not my birthday yet but I had a great time for my friend's birthday!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. The only difference between Galliano and, say, McQueen was that McQueen's problems were brought on by circumstance (the death of his mother and Isabella Blow). A lot of fashion people who are supporting him and saying 'he's overworked, fashion is so stressful blah blah' are forgetting that antisemitism isn't something that stops after a glass of wine and a nice hot bath - it's a personally held belief. I really don't think he should be 'allowed' a comeback, though you are right and the public will probably forget...

  3. I would say McQueen and Galliano wore probably both tortured souls. I don't agree with his antisemetic comments, but other celebs have made them and have been forgiven.

    @MJ- Thanks for reading!

  4. This is an interesting question, and a bit of a moral dilemma for me, so thanks for making me think!

    I am torn between feeling incredibly sorry for celebrities, and thinking 'oh but they brought it on themselves'. To be honest when I look at people like the ones you've mentioned and many more besides I can't help but think 'where the hell are your friends?!' An awful lot of people turned up to McQueen's funeral, but why did none of them think beforehand 'hold on, this man is really upset about his mother's death, maybe I should check up on him?' Why did no one say to Kate Moss 'For crying out loud, stop taking coke and go home and be with your daughter!'?!

    Being a celebrity seems to mean you have a lot of fans but very few friends, and that is definitely not something I'd ever want. But then, a lot of celebrities become famous when they are too young to even know what they're doing.

  5. I'm glad I could make you think :) Yes, great point! I definitely feel like where are the friends and family. I wouldn't want to be famous, seems like a sad life.


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