March 3, 2011

Trend I Don't Get: Sweatpants

I've already discussed my hatred for sweatpants but now apparently they are "in style." I was walking by the Saks windows yesterday and spotted a pajama looking sweatsuit in the window. What?! I don't care if it's a $1,000 Stella McCartney cashmere jumpsuit... it looks like sweats to me. How is that high fashion? The Fat and Skinny highlighted this trend with high and low price options.

I also saw many options in the sweat-like material in the form of harem pants and jumpers at H&M. While they are comfy, I don't see how they are stylish. You can add all the heels, blazers and accessories you want but they are still sweatpants (let's be real).

The trend definitely made more sense at H&M then Saks though. What do you think of this trend?


  1. I'm not too fond of this trend above, but I do like wearing sweatpants, especially when I'm chilling out. They are really comfy! xx

  2. Yeah those are completely fine, but to try and make them acceptable as a fashionable outfit is crazy to me! haha

  3. I never wear sweatpants in public. Never. Maybe once when I was sick with the flu and was on an emergency run to the chemist's for gravol.

    The day I wear sweatpants in public as an outfit is the day I have clearly given up on life.

    Have a great one! x NTA

  4. haha you said that so perfectly!


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