March 8, 2011

This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

Doing my Rosie the Riveter impression

feminist  - noun
1. a person who advocates equal rights for women (

I've always wanted to write one of these posts and what better day than the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day!

Hi, I'm Kimberlee and I'm feminist. I studied fashion, I'm 25, I live in Mahattan, born and raised in New Jersey, liberal, Atheist, single white female, wear makeup, like high heels and paint my nails. Yes, I can still be a feminist with all those things.

The term "feminist" has started to carry certain connotations, mostly negative ones. It is ridiculous. There is nothing negative about wanting equal rights for women as the definition explains. I disagree with the assumption that because you are feminist you don't shave your legs or put makeup on. Yes, women shouldn't do these things only for the sake of attracting a mate but that doesn't mean we can't do them. Most of my beauty routine is not to look good to men, it's to make me feel good and because I hate body hair (lol!). A feminist can be a successful career woman pounding the pavement in her pumps. A feminist is someone who is confident, stands up for women's rights and doesn't let herself be taken advantage of by society (well that's my general definition).

It is so important for every one, especially younger generations to be aware of political and social issues. Men can be feminists too. Recently, there was a push to cut funding for Planned Parenthood. There were rallies held in 46 cities to stand with Planned Parenthood. I attended the one in New York (of course) and just felt so proud to be standing with so many strong, smart women and men. Anthony Weiner (one of my favorites), who is a US Representive for New York was in attendance among other political male figures. It was great to see men standing with us in this fight. There were also women there who protested in the '70s during Roe v. Wade, which made me kind of sad that we are still standing up for women's rights nearly 30 years later. There are more laws to pass and more progress to be made.

There shouldn't be anything negatively tied to the word feminist. We come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some wearing heels and lipstick and others who may not. Do you consider yourself a feminist?


  1. I LOVE your Rosie the Riveter pose - so fun!! :)

  2. Yay, love this. Your pose is great: I love that picture.

    I definitely consider myself as a feminist. I wear make up and heels and dresses etc and I agree: doing all these things can still make me a feminist.

  3. Haven't seen this post (sorry, i know it was two years ago- blame Zach)... but this goes well with LEAN IN!


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