March 2, 2011

Say Hello To My Zappos Purchase

I built a shrine to my shoes

I have quite the shopping addiction on Zappos, so much that I'm a VIP member. I was browsing (such a mistake) and was spotting all these gorgeous spring shoes. I fell in love with the cork looking platform of these Nine West Haila heels. I purchased them in "Natural Reptile" on sale for $71.16!

I didn't read the details too much but apparently it's a 5 inch heel however the platform is really big so I barely noticed. I've been walking around in them around my apartment and they are really comfortable. Not sure I'll feel that way after hitting the streets of Manhattan but so far I'm enjoying them.

What do you think?


  1. love those!
    Just scored some sexy ankle boots from Nine West for Practically nothing!

  2. love the heels and the color is great!

  3. They're so pretty! They actually look quite comfortable.

  4. @Mo- oh what shoes did you get?

    @Pop Champagne- thanks for reading!

    @Abbe- haha thanks :)

    @Sherin- they are but I haven't worn them around the city yet so we'll see


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