March 28, 2011

New York vs Los Angeles

The comparisons between the two cities are endless. Having lived in both I think I can shed some perspective. I did my time in downtown Los Angeles for 3 three years while attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and working full-time. I’ve been in Midtown almost 4 years now and have noticed similarities.

I wrote a post about this topic for NearSay. Let me know your thoughts!


  1. i prefer NYC. LA is too blond bimbo for me. NYC is more intelectual.

  2. haha so true :) New York is the best!

  3. Hmm...well I am blonde...and have two degrees so I beg to differ on the bimbo part. Californians are just more sunny :P
    We win in the weather dept. for sure.

    And things have changed a lot Downtown. They have redone many areas to make it more livable. I don't think there is any city that compare to NYC as far as being able to walk everywhere and open all the time...except maybe Vegas haha. But then again it was (over)developed long before LA existed so that's why were are more spread out.

  4. haha there are always exceptions ;) Yeah Downtown was making progress when I was leaving, they finally put a Ralph's within walking distance. But I'm not trying to diss LA, the article was how Midtown and downtown LA are similar in that there isn't a lot for it's residents.


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