March 27, 2011

My Tips For Improving Your Grammar

I'll confess... I'm a grammar snob. I get so put off by improper grammar. I find it hot when guys show off their vocabulary skills with words like "ebullient" and "convivial." Here are some tips for improving your grammar skills:

1. Read! A lot! There is no better way to learn proper grammar and spelling than by simply reading it. This was the advice my English professor had for me and I will always abide by it.

2. Get a good grammar book! It is an easy way for you to reference back and double check grammatical details, such as when to use a comma (like I just did!).

3. Practice makes perfect! With texting and IMing it is hard to get yourself in the habit of writing out full sentences, but you really should! When writing an e-mail or text you should try to type out your full thought. Rather than texting your friend "ur so cool" try "You're so cool." It will get you in the habit of remembering when to use a word properly and you can be a good influence on your friend!

What other tips can you offer?


  1. I'm a stickler for correct grammar, too! Love your tips.

  2. & this is why we are friends! <3


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