March 22, 2011

Kirstie Alley Killed It On "Dancing With The Stars"

I'm not usually a "Dancing With The Stars" fan but this season they did some great casting. Kirstie Alley is known most recently for her public struggle to lose weight but some of you may know and love her from "Cheers" and "Look Whose Talking." I think she is the fan favorite by the applause she received after her routine. She added some of her personality to the dance by sticking out her tongue and bouncing her boob. She did amazing... and don't forget she's 60!

Watch her dance below:

Do you watch DWTS? Who don't you want to win?

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  1. i tuned in just to see her get down. Shes definitely lost some weight since last i saw her and I think even tho shes not skinny- she looks amazing. and sexy.
    Makes me proud to be a big girl. go Kirsty. LOL

  2. haha I think a lot of people just tuned in for her that's why she went last (smart thinking ABC) :p She shook it!


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