March 6, 2011

Keep Or Donate: Patent Leather Clutch

This is another item I've had for years that I forget where it's from (might be Rampage). I do remember it having a chunky chain connected that I cut off because I'd rather carry it like a clutch and it was heavy. It is a quilted patent leather material. It's a decent size clutch; it can fit my phone and beauty needs when I go out. It is my only evening clutch so I've been hesitant to give it up. I've been searching for a replacement but no success so far. However, I hardly go out to places I'd need to carry the clutch so it's been sitting in my closet.

Should I keep or donate? Where can I find a cute, inexpensive clutch?


  1. Oh, I think it is CUTE :) I would hang on to is...esp. since it sounds like a convenient size to carry your necessities in (but not so grand that it starts to get bulky). If you are looking for a new clutch...or at least an alternate...there are some great vintage ones (with lots of personality) on :)

  2. Thanks for reading! I love Etsy! So addictive :p

  3. I like it. I'd recommend keeping it. It's always good to have a nice clutch in the back of your closet.

  4. keep! it's versatile and quilting never goes out of style thanks to chanel. i'd keep it until you find a replacement :)


  5. Keep it until u find something better. TJ MAxx or Marshalls always has awesome desgner clutches for super cheap! Check there! :)

  6. @Carrie- aw thank you :)

    @Sherin- It is, but I feel I can do better hehe

    @Amandamarie- Oh good point ;)

    @Nicole- That's what I've been planning but finding a clutch seems to be getting put off. I'll definitely keep looking :)

    haha I can't believe you guys all voted keep! :p

  7. Keep!

    Lauren Merkin sample sale. I've gotten clutches from $15-$60 in the deals boxes (most clutches at the sale are about $100)

  8. Thanks! Yes I've had my eyes peeled on Swirl by Daily Candy, Haute Look, Rue La La for steals on designer bags but so far nothing has caught my eye or that I had the money for :p

  9. easy: send it to me. there, done. ok, not so original but no lie, i would take it! hahaa!

  10. haha what does yours look like?


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