March 10, 2011

Every Woman Should Give Their Husband A Hall Pass

There's a movie in theaters starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis (from SNL) called "Hall Pass." The basic premise of the movie is that they are married men who think they still have game so their wives give them a week off from marriage a.k.a a "hall pass." I think the idea is BRILLIANT! Every woman should do this with their husband. I'm not sure if it applies to non-heterosexual relationships (not to discriminate). I think only heterosexual men have this idiotic logic (lol!).

Men think they still have game and can get any girl they want if they weren't married. That their wives are holding them back (uh huh). I definitely think men don't like being tied down. Monogamy isn't idealistic for most heterosexual men. Women should loosen up the leash on their man once in awhile. Even when dating, I would be okay with my boyfriend checking out a girl or commenting on their appearance/body parts. Sometimes I even joined in because if you try to reel them in to too tight they want to break away more. It is a fairly basic concept: if you tell a man no, he obsesses over doing it.

Marriage can become so routine and boring (or even long-term dating) that you need to mix it up and keep it spicy. Make sure your partner feels like they are desired no many how many years you've been with them. Sending them back in to the world, they'll face reality and remember what a great woman they have back at home. Sometimes they need a little reminder.

Would you ever give your significant other a hall pass?

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  1. I dont think its just men who dont like to be tied down, I know women who feel the same way. I myself have felt like I didnt want to be tied down BUT it was because I was with the wrong person. If a man doesnt want to be committed to you or feels he is being "tied down" then that is a serious problem. Your guy should want to be with you and it shouldnt be a chore. If it is, then that person might not be your "one"...keep on looking. :)

    p.s I do want to see this movie tho
    p.p.s me and my bf always check out girls together haha

  2. I'd give my other a hall pass if he'd give me one... i think lol

    Keeping it fresh and alive is what a relationship is all about. I think once you reach the phase where a hall pass is needed then maybe you should talk about what's lacking

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  3. Gotta see that movie! It's a hard question if I would allow that, I think if the couple has enough honestly and if they trust eachothers they can have a perfect relationship with a hall pass. But if there's lack of trust it can cause a lot of jealousy.
    xx, Ana

  4. @StyleMeBad- Yeah but if a guy says "don't look at other guys" It doesn't make you want you to look harder. I agree but also think monogamy isn't very realistic especially for men. I really liked the movie! haha that's good ;)

    @Sherine- In the movie the wives got the week off as well and were able to score while the guys didn't :p

    @Ana- It is definitely a hard question. Trust is definitely a good point. Thanks for reading!

  5. Love this post, I was just talking to my girlfriend's about this issue yesterday since we all are back in the single pool (well, i never actually left...)
    and i completely agree, guys tend to want what they can't have, and they always think they have more game than they do. I think a hall pass is a brilliant idea, of course, the street has to go both ways.

  6. Oh! And thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  7. @Erin- Thanks for reading! haha yes it definitely has to work both ways :P


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