March 29, 2011

Best Tip For Getting Rid Of A Pimple

They're ugly. They're a pain to get rid of. Pimples. Everyone hates them. There are tons of products on the market for "quickly zapping" them. Most of them don't work and dry out your skin. The ingredients basically suck out the oils so a side effect is dry patches on your skin (not pretty). You've been told to exfoliate to scrub the dirt out. But that can actually agitate the affected area. So what do you do?

Usually the best thing to do is leave it alone. I know - crazy! When a pimple is just starting to form, try to leave it alone. Usually it will go away in a few days (sorry, no instant gratification!). Keep your skin clean but avoid rough exfoliaters. Yes, it may be necessary to use a zit zapping product when it's really gross (green head forms) and is putting a lot of pressure on your skin. But try and keep the infected area clean so you don't have to use harsh zit zappers.

What is your best tip for getting rid of a pimple?
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  1. I hardly get any pimples, but when I do I also dab a little of anti-bacterial hand gel, and it usually disappears by the next day!

  2. I always leave mine alone. I hardly get any, but when I do, they are gone in a few days. I just keep it clean and be patient!

  3. benzoyl peroxide works like a charmmm.

    xx raez

  4. ugh pimples how I hate you bitches!! I usually leave mine alone and put on some zap zyt if its really bad.


  5. I'm glad this has sparked some great conversation :)

    @Audrey- Oh haven't heard of that one, just toothpaste ;)

    @Reyna- That is really the best thing to do. It is so tempting to pick!

    @Raez- The strong stuff leaves dry patches on my skin :(

    @Nicole- haha I'm trying to get better at leaving my alone because that really is what helps them go away

  6. I am so bad at this, leaving it alone. The only way I can keep myself from popping is if I catch them early. The minute I feel one coming on I put on a spot treatment continuously until it goes away.

  7. @Mango Gal- Thanks for reading! Yes it is very hard to leave them alone :/

  8. Gosh how hard it is to have a pimple. :( I hate them and I have no idea how to get rid of them or lose them. Every time I look at my reflection in the mirror and I'm supposed to focus on putting my contacts in all I do is focus on the blemishes and gross red and green on my face. Blech! Eew. I don't know why to do. So I have no solution, but it's gonna be pretty hard for me to leave mine alone when im that paranoid about how I look.

  9. Don't be paranoid about how you look- they're common. You just have to let them breathe!


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