March 8, 2011

ALLEN B For JcPenney Looks Promising

In all honesty, I never thought of JcPenney as a stylish store. I don't think I've ever purchased an item there. But... they are changing my mind. First, with the commercial featuring the ever stylish Geri Hirsch. Now they have a few designer collaborations, including ALLEN B. The jacket above looks like one I got at H&M so I wonder how much it costs so I can compare. Here are some other looks from their Spring lookbook courtesy of Budget Babe:

This is a great print dress. Not a fan of the styling though.

The dress Geri wore!

A great casual look, but why clogs?!

This is such a fashion blogger outfit.

Pretty colors.

Great dress but skip the clogs!

What do you think of these looks? Will you be shopping?


  1. Agreed, promising! I'm interested in seeing it up close &personal!

    thanks for stopping by and for your comment on my blog! xo


  2. nice blog and collection!love these dresses..
    Follow me dear??
    i'd be very happy if you do it!!
    i wait u on mine

  3. Loved the collection, it actually matches my current obsession for florals and maxi lengths, and wouldn't mind that jacket, dramatic shoulders look fab!

    <3 Cess O.

  4. I have recently learned that JC Penney is like the secret style store... So weird. I, too, would never really have thought about shopping there. I am looking forward to this collection coming out for sure!
    My Leather Jacket

  5. @M- Thanks for checking out mine :) Yeah definitely have to feel the quality in person.

    @Cess- Yes maxis and florals are great spring! Thanks for reading my blog :)

    @Abbe- I'll have to stop in one soon! Let me know if you get anything :)


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