March 25, 2011

8 Iconic '90s Looks I Want To Recreate

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Here are some '90s looks that I have been wanting to recreate ever since I saw them. In no particular order...

1. Who didn't want to look like Liv Tyler in "Empire Records." She was still is hot! I know I could never pull off a midriff shirt or have the legs to wear a plaid mini with Doc Martens, but I can dream right?
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2. I don't like Celine Dion's music but seeing how she looked in an oversized sweater rolling around the bed in the video "Power of Love" made me want to be that sexy. I still think a woman in just a sweater can be so seductive. No?

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3. I totally related to T.L.C because they were tomboys who could still look hot. I grew up a tomboy and have blossomed into a woman now but I never pulled off the looks they did... baggy overalls anyone? After the "Creep" video I've always wanted silk pajamas... I thought they were the hottest thing. Don't judge me.
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4. Mariah Carey was the "it" girl of the '90s. She looked so naturally beautiful dancing around a flower field in her "Dreamlover" video in cut off jeans, converse and a plaid shirt. I wish I could look so effortless!

5. One of the most vivid outfits I remember from the '90s was this woman who performed with "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" with Meat Loaf in a full head to toe white. Her name is Karla DeVito and I thought she looked so kick ass! I'm still on a quest for white jeans like hers.

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6. Who didn't want to be Liz Hurley in that Versace safety pins dress? HOT HOT HOT! She wasn't a well-known actress when she wore it but she has kept everyone talking since then. Isn't that what a great dress does?

7. Tina Turner has so many great looks, but I loved how great her legs looked in this outfit. This has been my "back up" Halloween costume for years: black capris, black top, big belt, pumps and teased hair (so simple!). She's a legend- love her!

8. Alicia Silverstone was another darling of the '90s. I love Clueless (don't get me wrong) but I don't think I'd recreate any of those looks. I preferred her in her grunge stage in the Aerosmith videos, especially in that floral baby doll dress with Doc Martens (so 90s!) in the "Cryin" video.

What looks would you want to recreate from the '90s?


  1. YES LIV!! i am inspired now to watch some 90's videos now, some mariah :)

  2. @Lacee- haha thanks for reading ;)

    @Stephanie- Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. This was an awesome idea for a blog post. Great choices, I especially love alicia silverstone in the cryin video and liv tyler in doc martens and a plaid mini.

    You know who I think is missing tho, blossom and melissa joan hart in clarissa explains it all! Haha yes!

  4. lmao of Melissa Joan Hart... she ruled the 90s!

  5. i have lost count how many times i got plesure from watching tlc creep in there silky pjs
    if you know what i mean i even stole my sisters music video vhs of them

    it was so sexy the silky satin pjs


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