February 6, 2011

There Should Be More Women In Suits At Award Shows

I was watching E!'s "Fashion Police" as I always do to see what they thought of the looks on the red carpet. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the SAG Awards so I wanted to catch up on the fashions. They ripped into Julie Bowen of "Modern Family" for wearing a pantsuit. They said it wasn't appropriate for this type of event and it was something Jane Lynch (from "Glee") should wear. Well... I disagree. I'm sorry I don't think the "token" lesbian should be the only woman allowed in a suit on the red carpet. Ellen anyone?

I applaud Julie Bowen. Do I think she could have done better? Yes. But I think more women should be wearing suits to these events. Women wearing suits was one of my 2011 predictions with Leighton and Olivia wearing them to premieres. Are only the young fashionistas allowed to wear them? Couture Carrie pointed out the pantsuit trend on the runway. So why does it have to only be dresses? I wore a suit to my junior prom (didn't go senior year- story of my life lol!). I think if a girl can wear a suit to her prom than a woman can wear a suit to an esteemed red carpet event. It's 2011... let's be forward thinking. A woman in any kind of suit shouldn't automatically be put on the "Worst Dressed" list, in my humble opinion. I'm keeping my fingers crossed someone (maybe Helena Bonham Carter) wears a suit to the Oscars.

Do you agree? Who would you like to see in a suit on the red carpet?

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We all have opinions... I want to hear yours!

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