February 6, 2011

My Super Bowl Manicure

Today is Super Bowl Sunday! I'm a big football fan but I'm a little bitter that my New York teams aren't in it (boo!). I'm going to cheer for the Packers (even though I'm wearing my Giants shirt) so I decided to show some spirit on my nails. Packers colors are yellow, green and white.

What you'll need:
Step 1: Start with your trusty base coat.

Step 2: Paint your whole nail with the yellow color of your choice. I used Zoya's "Pippa."

Step 3: Once nails are dry (mine were painted for days in the Pippa color), place French tip stickers (which you can purchase at any drugstore, mine are from Walmart) in what ever position you would like. I angled mine for a different take of the French tip.

Step 4: Paint the green color nail polish along the sticker. I used this cheap-o N.Y.C. nail polish in "Big Money Frost."

Not cleaned up yet
Step 5: Once the green nail polish dries, remove the stickers. Trace along the green polish edge with the nail art pen. I also decided to write "Go Packers" on my thumbs (in case people didn't know who I was rooting for lol!).
Step 6: Apply your trusty top coat!

Are you watching the Super Bowl today? What are you wearing?

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