February 8, 2011

My Gift Card Shopping Haul

H&M flagship store in NYC
I had an H&M gift card and Sephora gift cards left from Christmas to spend. With Fashion Week and the IFB Conference coming up... what better time to spend it? Let's check out the goodies:
All together
First up H&M. I was kind of hoping to get more there because of my gift card but I kind of struck out. Well only getting two things at H&M is striking out for me (lol!).
I've been dying to find a tan cape like HiFashion Sherin wore. Her is from ASOS but I don't have the patience for them to ship to the US. I wanted it for the blogger conference. I found this gray one (I need to stop buying gray coats!). It costs $49.95 but of course I paid nothing because of my gift card. HOORAY!
Kim has an addiction to blazers and stripes. This just called me. Giuseppe said it was very Beetlejuice... in a good way. I was going more with Yankees. Not sure when or how I'll wear this but I love it :) It cost $39.95 but of course free for me!

Next I visited Sephora to use up my two gift cards. I had more success here!
I was in the market for a new perfume and heard good things about Kate Walsh's perfume "Boyfriend" from bloggers on my Twitter feed. I thought I'd give it a whiff but keep my options open. I actually liked it, it kind of smells like honey. I like softer fragrances so this wasn't too strong. A deciding factor was my boyfriend liked it (ironic?). It was also very affordable compared to others available at $35.
Another item tweeted/blogged about that I wanted to try, Clinique's chubby stick (I giggle at the name- so mature). There weren't many left in the store, thankfully there was one left in the color I wanted: 07 Super Strawberry. I was going for the shade closest to my most natural lip shade. It was $15 (kind of pricey), but I didn't cost me. It is like a crayon for your lips which is fun. Should I do a review?
Lastly, I've been wanting a turquoise nail polish since the summer. I spotted this Sephora by O.P.I color "Read My Palm" last time I visited Sephora but my friend said she had it. Turns out she didn't, so I looked up swatches and really liked it. So now I own it!

Total: $0... I love it!

What do you think of my purchases?


  1. That polish color is so pretty. I heart turquoise!

  2. That blazer is definitely for the Yankees :D yay! Haha! I love your haul...especially the blazer. So super cute...you should share ;) lol

  3. haha YEY Yankees :) What would you like me to share?


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