February 20, 2011

My Mini e.l.f. Haul

On Valentine's Day, e.l.f. had an offer for free shipping when you spent $14 (cute!). 14 dollars isn't a hard number to reach when most of their products are 1 and 3 dollars. I've been waiting for them to offer free shipping since I needed to stock up on their body butters. Here is what I got:

I purchased 2 of their Vanilla Coconut body butters at $4 each. They smell amazing! I used to buy Sephora's body butters but have found e.l.f.'s moisturizes better and are way cheaper.

I also needed an eyebrow brush and lash comb duo. The Target one I had broke. Their Studio brushes are amazing (get some) and are only $3.

Lastly, they have these new conditioning lip balms that were very tempting (read: I bought one). Most of the colors are sold out so I purchased "Mellow Melon." It almost matches my natural lip color but is a little peachier. I really like it! It also is A LOT bigger than I thought. You do get a lot for $3. My only complaint is that it is hard to open and close. It has high security locking powers (haha not really).

Are you a fan of e.l.f? What's your favorite product?


  1. wow u sure sounds like my mind reader huh before i went to your blog this was on my chrome tab , http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/brushes-guide im thinking of getting the brushes :)


  2. haha ;) I really like their powder brush from the Studio collection!


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