February 8, 2011

DIY: Studded H&M Handbag

I've had this H&M bag for quite some time now, definitely more than a year perhaps even two. This is where my love for satchels stemmed from. It came with a long strap so I wore it like a cross-body bag. I found it annoying and removed the strap. That's where I found a little slice of heaven. I've been in love with satchels ever since.
The bag itself has held up amazingly well for some $20 H&M bag. I've shoved books and food in it for plane rides. After awhile my only complaint about it was how plain looking it is. I added the skull from a necklace I've had since my teens. It was my first skull purchase but the chain was rusted. I wanted to keep it so I thought adding it to the bag would add some flare. It held me over for a little while but I still wanted something more. STUDS! I'm a huge fan of studs and have seen some pretty awesome studded handbags. I've seen some bloggers say you could DIY but I didn't know how. Finally my friends encouraged me and I set out to M&J Trimmings. For $40 I purchased 4 bags with 12 studs in each one (they are more like spikes).
They are screw in studs so I had to make a hole in the leather (it's faux!) then push the nail through and screw the stud on. At first it was a lot of working figuring out the best method but when I got into a good routine, it was done in less than an hour! I had this tool that I've had since a sewing class at FIDM (and I still can't sew lol!) that cuts string to take out hems. It was a good stabbing tool to make a hole in the leather. Then I used scissors from the inside to open up the hole.
Can you see the nail through the hole?
As for placement, I was going to make marks at even increments because I'm that obsessive but I finally decided that trying to scatter them would look best. Just go with it and have fun!

Close up
I'm quite pleased with the results. For just 40 something dollars I was able to personalize my handbag and give it an upgrade. What do you think?


  1. I have been wanting to do this for so long with a leatherjacket and a bag! I need to get on it. GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Super clever! Love that you are getting in touch with your crafty side! xox

  3. @StyleMeBAD yes you should do it!
    @Grace Thanks :)


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