January 6, 2011

When Logos Go Wrong!

Starbucks announced it's changing its logo. Why? They are removing their name from old logo. And ask I again, why? Why mess with a good thing Starbucks? Wouldn't a company want their name on their products, it's the ultimate product placement. They say they want to remove "coffee" from the logo because "they've moved beyond coffee" and it also will help with their global expansion. I don't think their goddess image is going to translate well with global expansion so I don't quite understand that part.

Also, Comedy Central changed it's logo recently. I really don't the upside down thing. It's a bad Chanel looking logo to me. Are marketers just bored? What is going on?!
What were they thinking...
Has no one learned anything from Gap?! After they changed their logo to the awful to the right, the public bashed it. And for good reasons. After much backlash, Gap changed the logo back to the original one... supposedly only temporarily even though we haven't seen a new one yet.

What do you think of the new Starbucks logo?

Source NY Daily News

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