January 24, 2011

Um, What The Hell Avril

Avril Lavigne has a new video out (she's still relevant?) and it's typical Avril (read: awful).

In the beginning she shows off breast implants her figure in lingerie, but still can't carry herself like a lady.

She still does the same stuff she did in her Sk8 boys days... causing "trouble."She's like a watered down Taylor Momsen (in my humble opinion), rocking too much black eyeliner and still has those colored streaks in her hair. In other tackiness she also plugs her clothing line "Abbey Dawn" in the video.

What do you think of this video?

Source: Billboard


  1. Lol at the subtleness of her showing her new perfume! But she's definitely a watered down Taylor Momson. I used to like Avril, but not really a huge fan anymore. She's not doing anything new.

  2. haha I thought it was so tacky and the Sony digital camera.... oh product placement. I feel like unfortunately a lot of young, female pop stars aren't doing anything new :(


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